This blog is about the art of improvisation in the kitchen. Cooking well and creating memorable experiences is about learning to use what you have - whether that's a result of seasonal availability, budget, or what's in the pantry on a Tuesday night.

So many beloved recipes the world over came about by people improvising with commonplace ingredients in new and creative ways, transforming them into special and memorable experiences around the table. It's what gave us parma ham and kimchi, soul food and stuffed peppers.

In these pages you'll find recipes, tips and inspiration from different culinary traditions for turning regular ingredients into beautiful, tasty and memorable eating experiences.

I also share restaurant reviews and stories about life in Amsterdam and on the road when travelling. You can follow along on Pinterest or Instagram: @ms.cristina for food and @cristina12435 for daily life in Amsterdam and travels.

About the Author

I was born in Romania in 1987 and grew up in Toronto in the 90s. I currently live in Amsterdam with my husband Bogdan and our American rescue dog Oliver. Before moving here we also lived in Royal Oak, Michigan for three years.

Having experienced life through the lens of four countries, my cooking is influenced by a global palette and a deep desire to experience different ways of knowing through the food and traditions of other people and places.

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