Everybody’s Favourite White Bean & Thyme Soup

white bean and thyme soup

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Simple and flavourful white bean and thyme soup that tastes great as it is or make it your own with roast chicken, sumac & herb croutons, or burst tomatoes & cheese.





If you want to substitute canned beans then you’ll need about 5 standard sized cans worth.

I made roast chicken at the same time as the soup so I rendered the fat out of a few cast-off pieces of chicken skin and used that as the fat in my soup. You can do the same with chicken drippings, bacon drippings or any other fat you want to make use of.

The Herbamare bouillon I used is very salty and so i didn’t need to add any additional salt. if you’re using a low-sodium bouillon or low-sodium stock instead of water then you may need to add more salt.

If the liquid reduces too much, add a bit more. I added about a cup of water 2 or 3 times during cooking but my soup still came out quite thick (which I wanted). If you want a thinner soup then add more water at the one and two hour marks.

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