My Mother in Law’s Famous Slow Roasted Tomato Confit

The thing is – they just look like some cooked tomatoes in oil so you really don’t expect much. At first glance they are… unassuming. And I’ve eaten my share of preserved tomato products. Sauces of course, but also preserved whole tomatoes – in vinegar, in brine, and yes, even in oil. Sun dried tomatoes too. None of them were anything to write home about. But these tomatoes are something else entirely. When you take your first bite it’s near life changing. Like you’re tasting the full potential of tomatoes for the first time.

They are sweet and savoury with an inkling of tang, elements of bold umami and mellow garlic, and a meaty caramelized texture. They have full depth of flavour and a buttery sticky-sweet mouthfeel. I’ve never tasted anything like them. You really just can’t understand how good a tomato can taste until you try this method.





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